All prospective members are rigorously vetted before being allowed to join our trusted network of installers. DGCOS have put in place a 12 point accreditation process in which every member must satisfy before being offered membership.

All Accredited Installers must as a minimum:

  • Undergo a five-point credit and background history check on the proprietors/directors which includes multiple phoenix checks, credit scores, CCJ checks and similar trading name checks.

  • Carry minimum insurances of a) £2m Public Liability b) £10m Employers Liability.

  • Provide every customer with a Written Contract (to include Terms and Conditions).

  • Provide every customer with a Written Guarantee.

  • Provide every customer with Deposit Protection Insurance (where a deposit has been taken).

  • Provide every customer with an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

  • Comply with building control regulations on every installation.

  • Allow DGCOS Inspectors to inspect any installation deemed necessary.

  • Allow DGCOS to send every customer a Satisfaction Questionnaire.

  • Submit to the legal jurisdiction of DGCOS and the Ombudsman.

ongoing vetting

  • Every customer is automatically sent a Satisfaction Questionnaire and a pre-paid envelope.

  • These replies are entered into the DGCOS performance system and results monitored.

  • Annual review of credit checks and public/employer liability insurances.

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