Consumer Advice – Important Information About Your Protection

To receive protection from our scheme you must:

• use a member during their period of membership
• hold a contract directly with the member
• the installation must be on a domestic property

Without the above, we may not be able to protect you. Please read the below to understand the protection you may receive along with your obligations.

Vetted and accredited

Scheme members have passed our strict accreditation process and are continually monitored to ensure compliance with our rules. The checks can include, but are not limited to, financials, competency certifications, business insurances, and data sharing with consumer bodies (where appropriate).

FREE consumer advice line

Once you have entered into a contract with a scheme member, during their period of membership, you can benefit from free access to our consumer advice line. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the member during the installation.

FREE access to Alternative Dispute Resolution

When you have entered into a contract with a scheme member, during their period of membership, you can benefit from free access to our mediation services to help resolve a dispute.

During the mediation process, the mediator may request an independent inspection is carried out on the installation (if deemed appropriate by the mediator).

Both the mediation and independent inspection service is free to you.

FREE access to independent Ombudsman

In the unlikely event that we cannot resolve a dispute, you will also have free access to the Independent Ombudsman we have appointed. The Ombudsman’s decision is binding on the member and not the consumer.

FREE Deposit & Stage Payment Protection Insurance

The deposit and stage payment protection covers up to 25% of the contract value (maximum £5,000) for a period of 120 days, subject to the policy terms and conditions.

To benefit from this protection:

• You must be registered by the member on our online portal;
• You must hold the contract with the Supplier named on the certificate;
• You must be able to provide proof of payment made to the Supplier named on the certificate.

No protection will be in place until we have written to you to confirm we have arranged this, following the registration of your installation on our system, and in accordance with the points above. If you have not received our letter confirming your protection has been arranged within 5 working days of you signing the contract please contact our member or us urgently as you are not covered.

Please note: Any payments (deposits and stage payments etc) made by you to the member exceeding 25% of the contract value (or the maximum limit of £5,000) prior to final installation and completion of the contract are not covered by the scheme or the insurers in any way.

FREE Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG)

An IBG provides protection in the event your installer has ceased trading and is unable to honour the terms of their written guarantee, subject to the policy terms and conditions.

To benefit from an IBG:

• Your installation must be fully completed to your satisfaction, free from defect and you must have paid all outstanding monies directly to the Supplier named on the certificate
• You must have a contract with the Supplier named on the certificate

No cover is in place until you have received your IBG certificate. If you have not received your IBG certificate, please contact the member.

Important Information

The services listed on this page form the full extent of the services available to consumers under the Scheme. In order to receive the protections offered you must enter into a contract for goods and/or services with one of our members during their membership with us and comply with the requirements set out on this page. For the avoidance of doubt, please note our member is responsible for the provision of the goods and/or services to you under their contract with you. You are responsible for which of our members you select to contract with, and we will not enter into negotiations or dialogue with members on your behalf (including providing advice on which of our members offers the most suitable or best value work for you).

We cannot be held liable for any actions undertaken by one of our members.

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