Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are unique in their ability to function as three separate window types at once. The position of the handle determines if the window acts as a more traditional “fixed window”, a “hopper window” or an “in-swing window”. Tilt and turn windows achieve exceptional energy efficiency, air tightness, water resistance and sound control, whilst being very easy to operate and conveniently easy to clean.

An excellent choice for their cleaning, maintenance and ventilation qualities, tilt and turn windows are long lasting and a more functional alternative to traditional double glazed windows. Aside from easy maintenance, another benefit of tilt and turn windows is that they are much larger than other window styles, and are great for creating bright open spaces and adding a large amount of light into any room.

Tilt & Turn Windows Tilt & Turn Windows

Advantages of Tilt & Turn Windows

These dual-purpose windows can be tilted and opened in a wide variety of ways to ensure secure ventilation is enjoyed throughout your home. For example, a quarter turn of the handle opens the top of the window, allowing it to tilt inwards from the bottom. The tilt position allows warm, stale air to exit at the top of the window and cool, fresh air to gently flow in from the sides.

Tilt and turn windows are designed to provide effective ventilation without creating an uncomfortable draft, and unlike other operable windows, tilt and turn windows can provide an abundant of natural ventilation without the need for a second window to be opened.

The tilt and turn window offers the utmost in security and when in the tilt position, the locking system prevents the sash from being opened completely. This allows you to tilt your windows for ventilation, without the concern of forced entry.

Recent Installations of Tilt & Turn Windows
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