Building Regulations

Similar to planning permission, building regulations may apply to some installations, including porches, conservatories and extensions. Generally, if your installation measures under 30 square feet (approx. 3 square metres), and is mostly glazed with an external door separating it from the existing property, it will be exempt from building regulations. However, the glazing and electrical aspects of the installation must comply with the appropriate building regulations.


When installing a porch, the front entrance door between the existing house and the installation must remain in place, and the porch must not adversely affect access to the property if it has a ramped or levelled entry for disabled access.


Alternatively, when installing a conservatory or orangery, the installation must be built at ground level and be separated from the existing property by external walls, doors and/or windows.

Further Information

For further information on what restrictions are in place you should speak to your installer, or visit the governments ‘planning portal’. The ‘planning portal’ is the online planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales. Information regarding building regulations in Scotland and Northern Ireland may differ and we recommend you speak with your local authority for further information.  

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