Window Energy Rating

Energy ratings are a consumer friendly indicator of how well a window performs. The system is based on a rating scale of A-G, and determines how well the window retains and conserves heat, protects your home from wind and rain, resists condensation and improves sound insulation.

The BFRC Scheme is the UK’s national system for rating energy efficiency, with A-rated windows being the most efficient and G-rated windows being the least efficient.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

There are many benefits when installing energy efficient windows including reduced energy bills and improved property value. It is also known that properties with A-rated windows are easier to keep warm and as they use less fuel to heat, less CO2 is generated which has a positive effect on the environment.

Building Regulations

The latest building regulations require all new build properties to be installed with windows with a minimum C-rating, and this is often used as a benchmark for homeowners when purchasing new windows for their own home.

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