Gable Conservatory

Contemporary gable-end conservatories feature a projection in the same shape as a gable end of a conventional house. Like a Georgian conservatory, gable conservatories are either square or rectangular in style and gives you maximum space to plan the interior of your extension.  

Gable Conservatory Courtesy of Romsey Conservatories

Style & Value

The gable front of the conservatory adds style to your home and also maximises light coming into the room, while the height of the roof creates a feeling of space. This wonderfully simple style provides a grand impact both inside and out. The gable roof is also available in a range of pitches from 15 degrees to 45 degrees to suit various house roof configurations. 

Gable-end conservatories are available in a range of styles and finishes including uPVC, aluminium hardwood materials to compliment the look of your home. It is also available in a choice of colours and woodgrain finishes.

Recent Installations of Gable Conservatories
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