DGCOS is a consumer protection organisation that provides free access to an independent and impartial Ombudsman who can investigate and provide legal redress to any complaint.

What Is An Ombudsman?

The Ombudsman is completely independent and has full authority to provide a dispute resolution service. He can investigate any complaint involving the professional conduct of a member, providing the installation took place during their period of membership, and even if the membership has lapsed when the complaint is made.

Who Is The Ombudsman?

DGCOS has appointed Ombudsman Services to investigate and resolve any disputes between DGCOS members and their customers that may not have been resolved at an earlier stage.

Ombudsman Services is the UK’s leading independent multisector ombudsman, providing dispute resolution in the home improvement, energy, communications, property and copyright licensing sectors. Ombudsman Services is approved by Ofcom under the Communications Act 2003 to provide alternative dispute resolution in the communications sector, appointed by Ofgem to run the energy ombudsman and The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) as the Ombudsman and Investigation Service for the Green Deal. Ombudsman Services currently employ more than 500 people at its Head Office based in Warrington.

How Can The Ombudsman Help?

Ombudsman Services: 

  • Provide an independent, impartial and completely free service to consumers to help resolve disputes between DGCOS members and consumers who are interacting with them.
  • Resolves disputes without the need to go to court and the service is entirely free of charge.
  • Is independent of members & consumers and will make a decision believed to be just and fair in the circumstances.
  • Can make financial awards for loss, distress, inconvenience or breach of contract (the maximum
    amount of compensation that can be awarded is £100,000) which DGCOS will enforce.

To contact Ombudsman Services Tel: 0330 440 1634. 

Download our factsheets below ↴

  • Ombudsman Services Ombudsman Services
    This brochure helps explain to consumers how Ombudsman Services works, their powers and how to complain.
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