If a consumer has a complaint against a DGCOS member the consumer can access dispute resolution provided by Quality Assured Scheme Support Services Limited. Access to an external Ombudsman will usually be provided once the consumer has been through the QA Scheme Support Services complaints process.

What Is An Ombudsman?

The Ombudsman is completely independent and has full authority to provide a dispute resolution service. He can investigate any complaint involving the professional conduct of a member, providing the installation took place during their period of membership, and even if the membership has lapsed when the complaint is made.

How Can The Ombudsman Help?

The Ombudsman: 

  • Provides an independent, impartial and completely free service to consumers to help resolve disputes between DGCOS members and consumers who are interacting with them.
  • Resolves disputes without the need to go to court and the service is entirely free of charge for consumers.
  • Is independent of members & consumers and will make a decision believed to be just and fair in the circumstances.
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