Georgian Windows

The Georgian period is an era characterised by classical architecture and design, and traditional double glazed Georgian windows are expertly made to feature authentic Georgian bars. Until recently, Georgian windows were more commonly manufactured from timber, however uPVC Georgian windows are fitted with astragal bars and provide an attractive modern alternative. uPVC Georgian windows are easy to maintain and offer improved insulation qualities that will help keep your home warm.

These evocative cottage style windows combine timeless appeal with the benefits of double glazed units: perfect for keeping your home warm in winter, cool in summer and saving energy all year round. Furthermore, Georgian windows are tailor made for your property and the Georgian bars can be placed in any position on the window you desire. The vertical and horizontal bars can be used to create a simple, yet stylish pattern, and are an attractive way to enhance the look of older properties. In addition to older properties, installing Georgian windows is also a great way to add a sense of tradition to a modern new build home.

Georgian Windows Georgian Style Traditional Windows


Georgian windows are available in a choice of traditional finishes and unique colour schemes, and allow homeowners to create their own exact window specification. Early Georgian colour schemes include burgundy, saga green and blue grey, but as the style developed, they became lighter and included shades such as pea green, wedgwood blue, soft grey and flat white. Unlike uPVC, which does not feature a natural textured wood grain effect; Georgian windows are available in a range of textured finishes which are almost indistinguishable aesthetically from real timber.

Georgian windows are also available in a range of glazing designs that can help homeowners enhance the look of their property. This can be achieved by incorporating bevelled patterns, colours and leaded glass designs into them. Each of these features can be applied to both the side frames and top openers of a Georgian window.

Recent Installations of Georgian Windows
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