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July 2019

DGCOS Installer

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Posted By - Katy King Review Date -

We have been members of the DGCOS for over 7 years. We feel it offers both our customers and us reassurance that if any problems were to arise they would be dealt with fairly and impartially. We were vetted prior to being excepted as members and are regularly monitored to ensure we are still operating under their guidelines, this ensures that they are only supporting genuine, well run companies. Although using the registration website is easy to use and navigate, they are always happy to help when we have contacted them for help or advise.
Katy King MD at P&P Windows

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      5/5 What is this?

Posted By - Nick Wood Review Date -

It's been a pleasure dealing with DGCOS. Tracy Dilworth took up our case and she was extremely efficient and thorough. She put in a lot of effort researching all the necessary background issues and supported us fully when representing us to the company we were in dispute with. Tracy kept us informed all the way about the progress she was making with a cheerful, no nonsense manner. An excellent service, Tracy. We're really impressed and grateful to you. Thank you.

Mr Wood, Derbyshire

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