DGCOS Protection Gives Mr. Kent Peace of Mind

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Mr Kent Mr Kent

Mr. Kent contracted a DGCOS member to install a conservatory for a contract value of £13,363. Unfortunately, Mr. Kent experienced issues with his conservatory and so he approached DGCOS to resolve the issue as the company had ceased to trade.

Fortunately for Mr. Kent he had used an accredited installer, so he was fully protected and would not be left disadvantaged. DGCOS sent out an independent inspector who identified that the roof bars on the conservatory had split which was causing the roof to leak. Following this report, DGCOS appointed a group of specialist contractors to carry out the remedial work.

Speaking about the whole process Mr. Kent said: “We experienced problems with our conservatory roof and there was dampness showing on the wall. The person at DGCOS was very helpful and really understood our situation. It’s great to know that there is someone you can turn to in the event of a problem. It just gives me that peace of mind that there are organisations out there like DGCOS that are on your side and want to help”.

For further information about how using a DGCOS installer will protect you, call 0845 053 8975

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