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Tony Pickup

What Has DGCOS Been Up To Recently?

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The DGCOS Newsletter We intend to send regular news and updates about the glazing sector (particularly relating to consumer protection issues, which is our sphere of expertise) to installers, extruders, fabricators and stakeholders operating in the glazing sector as a whole. DGCOS and our associated companies (more on them later) believe that providing a systematic, robust, well thought out consum…
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DGCOS Engages with Industry at People in Glazing Society (PIGS)

DGCOS Engages with Industry at People in Glazing Society (PIGS)

The DGCOS team attended the March PIGS event at the Castlefield Rooms in Manchester, as part of our strategy to network with key industry leaders, trade bodies and government departments. It was a fantastic evening, although attendance was only around 80 industry professionals, due to the proliferation of snow around the country – the “Beast from the East”. In fact, it was only on the morn…

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Brain Smith - Strategy Consultant

Former GGF Director Brian Smith works with DGCOS

We are pleased to introduce Brian Smith, who has accepted a consultancy role at DGCOS as our Strategy Consultant. Brian will be working as an advisor and consultant to DGCOS on meetings with Government departments, stakeholders and other trade bodies. He will also be representing the organisation at events and exhibitions, contributing his ideas and experience to our marketing and operational disc…

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Adrian Simpson - Assistant Director of Consumer Policy

Former Chartered Trading Standards Institute Services Director joins DGCOS

I’m Adrian Simpson the new Assistant Director of Consumer Policy, having joined DGCOS and HIES in December 2017.My role is to ensure that both companies are influential and powerful and that they continue to make the market work well for consumers and businesses. The home improvement and renewables markets are incredibly politically driven and it’s important that our voice is heard. If you’…

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