DGCOS joins the British Energy Efficiency Federation (BEEF)

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DGCOS joins the British Energy Efficiency Federation (BEEF)

British Energy Efficiency Federation (BEEF), which was formed back in 1996, aims to provide a forum for consultation between relevant trade associations within the energy efficiency industry and Government.

Adrian Simpson, Assistant Director of Consumer Policy for DGCOS, attended a BEEF meeting on the 13th June 2018. During the meeting, we got to hear more about the Scottish Government’s ambitious but brilliant targets for increasing renewable energy deployment by 2032. Discussions took place on the Prime Minister’s Jodrell Bank speech concerning clean growth (https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pm-speech-on-science-and-modern-industrial-strategy-21-may-2018). In the guise of a grand challenge the Government wants to “use new technologies and modern construction practices to at least halve the energy usage of new buildings by 2030”. Then followed a presentation from the Government concerning the reduction of energy use in commercial buildings.

Adrian commented: “It was good to attend this meeting for the first time, and to understand the bigger picture for both the UK and Scottish Governments, who both want to see greater efficiencies in energy consumption, although both have varied and grand targets. As a consumer protection organisation, we always want to see consumer protection measures ‘built in’ to systems rather than being an afterthought. A large part of our policy work is engaging with key decision makers and industry influencers to ensure that consumers are adequately protected and thought of when Government is putting together policy.”

Brian Smith, Strategy Consultant for DGCOS, added:"I attended the BEEF meeting with Adrian and it was a very interesting and informative meeting as always. I have been attending these meetings for over six years and advocated DGCOS joining BEEF because of the interaction with BEIS officials and the updated information they provide on Government energy efficiency initiatives".



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