Glazing and the Green Homes Grant Scheme

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Glazing and the Green Homes Grant Scheme

Although information regarding the Green Homes Grant Scheme is currently limited, what we do know is that glazing is included in some form within the scheme. However, thus far this has only been confirmed by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and has not yet been officially announced.

The advice on the Certass TA forum on Facebook has recently been updated. Jon Vanstone, Chair of Certass, has said that the Green Homes Grant Scheme will include replacing single pane glazing with double but that is all that has been agreed at this point.

Glazing has not been included as one of the four main primary measures of the scheme (these are external wall insulation, cavity wall (combined with loft) insulation, underfloor insulation and room in roof). This perhaps means that glazing will have to be combined with another measure for glazing improvements to be applicable.

It is believed that the monies set aside for the scheme will be split as follows;

  • £1 billion on the ‘able to pay’ market
  • £500,000 million on low-income households (means tested)
  • £500,000 million on social housing

As yet, the government has not given any further information around ‘accredited installers’ and what membership or accreditation they will be required to have.

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