How Industry Awards can Endorse Business Activity

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How Industry Awards can Endorse Business Activity

Industry awards bring a range of benefits to companies, if they are approached properly, says Faisal Hussain, DGCOS Chief Executive. Here, Faisal discusses how important awards are, and how they can put a business at the heart of their profession.

If you search online for industry awards, you will find a range of events, from local business and regional awards to industry-specific events, not least the GGP Installer Awards for which DGCOS was nominated as a Finalist in the Best Installer Support Programme category. For me, being a Finalist in this Award event is an endorsement of the work that we do.
Our team knows what a good job they do at DGCOS, and they know how much progress we have made in developing our installer benefits package, for which we have our GGP Finalist’s nomination. Now, though, the wider industry knows that we are a potentially award-winning company with the work ethic, motivation and commitment to deliver on behalf of our customers, in our case, installers. I think that in the past we have tended to take what we do for granted and not communicate our work to a wider audience. Since our nomination, that has all changed, and we can proudly say we are very much at the heart of the industry.

Third party validation

What makes awards generally, and the GGP Installer Awards specifically, important to us is that a third-party panel of judges has independently viewed our entry with all the details and facts and has judged it worthy to be shortlisted. If you view an awards event as a level playing field, where every entrant has the same opportunity as the next, this puts DGCOS up there among the best. Did we know we were doing good work? Yes – we have done a huge amount of work over the last twelve months to bolster our offering in line with what installers are asking for. Does this nomination make a difference to us? Also yes, and in several different ways.

Internal and external benefits

Success at an Awards event can be motivational, and can give a team a real boost, meaning staff are even more inspired to keep doing the best they can.
Secondly, it generates trust among our target audience. The presence of an independent Award lends credibility to our brand and means that our potential members can trust the value of our service. It is a mark of excellence and gives us credibility to the outside world.
This credibility, which is demonstrated in our approach to our members regardless, could potentially help in any future recruitment. As we seek to attract talented individuals to our team, we recognise that they will be drawn to reputable organisations. Awards can help to attract the right talent, ensuring that we continue to assemble a team of skilled professionals dedicated to excellence.

Making an entry count

I would say that to put a strong entry together takes teamwork and time. It is not something that can or should be rushed if you are to give yourselves the best chance of success. We knew what we wanted to talk about, and we took the time to make sure we got the right input, and we made every word count.
As a business, DGCOS is looking to the future to keep building on our company ethos of consumer protection and installer support, but we will also be keeping one eye on industry awards for the rest of 2024.

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