Installer support from start to finish

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Installer support from start to finish

At the heart of DGCOS is a commitment to provide a holistic support programme to members which reflects the needs of the variety of installers companies within the industry. Here, Faisal Hussain, DGCOS Chief Executive, outlines the benefits that members receive.

At DGCOS we are dedicated to assisting installer members throughout every phase of their journey, which is reflected in a comprehensive framework that has six clear touchpoints, each designed to enhance installers’ experiences.

The motivation to do this stems from a recognition that each installer embarks on a unique path which requires tailored assistance regardless of their business’ stage of development. Through the implementation of our Installer Journey Benefits, we aim to bridge these gaps to create an environment where every member can access the support they need, regardless of their requirements. I believe that DGCOS is unique in being able to deliver this complete package.

Support initiatives

Our Installer Journey Benefits serves as a roadmap, guiding members through the labyrinth of challenges and opportunities they face, and the benefits are wide ranging. Our aim is to ensure that our members are free to do what they do best: install quality door and window products. I have spoken before about how the pressures of running a business often have a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of installers within our industry, because the challenges are real. Increasing product costs and the cost of living has impacted greatly on cash flow, for example, and it’s vital that companies have the know-how to manage these challenges. Our Installer Journey Benefits programme comprises over 30 different benefits – that’s over 30 ways in which we can help installers improve the running of their business.

Our package of benefits starts at the beginning of the installer journey, right at the point at which they set up their business. We offer guidance and advice to help them start on the right footing. No business is complete without a sales funnel and a sales funnel needs marketing support. We can help installers harness the power of marketing and digital platforms, enabling them to get their message out to prospective customers. In turn, this helps the sales process and at DGCOS we can help equip installers with the tools to convert leads into sales, and even advise on how to close sales.

Once the order book is filling up, it is vital to think about service levels and customer satisfaction. After all, DGCOS is a consumer protection organisation, and we wholeheartedly support installers in providing the best service and care to deliver a quality installation. Fewer comebacks equate to happy customers, which engenders trust and reputation. Not only is this beneficial to the installer, but it means that consumers can trust in a DGCOS member.

However, it doesn’t end there. Regardless of how long a member has been in business, we provide an annual business review to enable informed future planning to keep the company on track.

One size does not fit all

Every installer has a distinct narrative, shaped by their experiences, challenges and objectives. We recognise this and our Installer Journey Benefits, therefore, is most definitely not ‘one size fits all’. Our approach is holistic in that we encounter many different types of installers. For example, an installer may struggle with marketing and digital platforms, an area where we can lend support and reduce that pressure point. Another installer may need advice on how to manage and monitor customer satisfaction and again we can help.

The team at DGCOS is uniquely placed to offer quality support that is so often needed. Once you add into the equation that only the best installers pass our rigorous vetting system, it becomes clear that we are so much more than ‘just’ a consumer protection organisation. Everything we do is focussed on raising and maintaining standards in our industry and our Installer Journey Benefits is a key part of this.

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