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Part of a £39m special fund, Highways England have established a noise insulation scheme, which will see homeowners across the country (whose properties are affected by road noise) offered free noise reduction works.

Noise important areas:
There are approximately 3,830 areas in England that are adjacent to major roads. Properties which fall within one of these “Noise Important Areas” and experience high levels of noise from a road on the Highways England network may be able to qualify for the free work.

The following link shows estimated levels of traffic and railway noise according to the strategic noise mapping within urban areas (where strategic noise mapping is mandatory) and along major transport routes:

The products being installed or upgraded under the Noise Reduction Scheme are windows with ventilation units, bi-folding doors and patio doors; in noise sensitive areas, including bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and studies.

Participation in the scheme is entirely optional and Highways England will be sending letters to the owners of eligible properties inviting them to apply.

Applications can be submitted up until 31st March 2019.

For further information on applying for noise insulation please see the Highways England Official Guidance.

People are already benefiting:
A couple living close to the M56 motorway in Cheshire have become the first to benefit from the new initiative. They have had new (free of charge to them), double-glazed windows with ventilation units installed, significantly reducing the noise levels in their bedroom and living room. Read the full story here.

How can this benefit installers?
Installers certified by a UKAS accredited body and complying with the requirements of ISO9001:(current) can apply to register with the National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS). Certification and registration are mandatory for all businesses wishing to supply services covered by NHSS to Highways England and there are many benefits to registering, including:

1. The ability to tender for future work.
2. Enhanced business credentials.
3. A better understanding of risk.
4. New opportunities.
5. Access to expertise and support.
6. Greater visibility for contracting bodies. You will also need to register as a supplier on the Schedule of Supplier's website.

Please click here for full guidance on achieving National Highway Sector Schemes Certification.
Please click here to explore and search for business opportunities.

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