Survey Reveals Consumers Prioritise Quality Over Price

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Survey Reveals Consumers Prioritise Quality Over Price

A recent survey by Certass has revealed some interesting insights about what is important to homeowners when choosing a window or door installer. Their latest members survey revealed that homeowners deem product quality the most important.

The statistics

  • More than 96% of respondents said that product quality was extremely important or very important to their customers.
  • Closely followed by finish of work (94%) and then courteousness (91%).

Why is product quality so important?

Although price is typically an important factor when considering home improvements, product quality has come out as number one in the survey.

Put yourself in a customer’s shoes – you want to know that your product will perform well in the long run and last for a long time. Would anyone want to pay for a product only to know that it will start to break down within just 12 months due to poor quality?

Key takeaways

Although we think this may have come as a shock to some, as a consumer protection scheme, we believe this is reassuring and refreshing to hear as many trade companies can rest assured that product quality, closely followed by quality of finish will help seal the deal even if they aren’t the most price competitive.

Price points are still an important factor and great for sales however pairing this with demonstrating high-quality products and quality installation should hopefully increase conversions with customers.

And as a consumer protection scheme member, your customers get end to end protection giving them that additional trust, confidence, and peace of mind.

Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay

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