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Accreditation DGCOS

With consumer protection at our heart, DGCOS continually strives to raise industry standards, starting with our Accreditation Process (assessment process before a potential new member is offered membership). This article will give insight into the accreditation process into becoming a DGCOS member.

All interested installers must satisfy DGCOS’s requirements of high standards of quality, ethics, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

How to apply for DGCOS Membership?
Installers considering DGCOS membership can register their interest by telephone, email, social media or by submitting an expression of interest form online.

All interested installers will then receive a telephone call from a member of our communications team who will provide information about the scheme, including the benefits, requirements for membership and answer any questions or concerns the installer may have along the way. If following this conversation, the installer would like to apply for membership, an application form can be submitted with the help of DGCOS staff.

There is no fee to apply for DGCOS membership. However, should an offer of membership be forthcoming by DGCOS and accepted by the applicant an annual fee will be payable.

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What is the accreditation process?

Once we have received an application for membership we follow a strict process which includes the installer providing us with:

  • A copy of their consumer contract, which should detail a consumer’s cancellation rights.
  • A copy of their guarantee/workmanship warranty.
  • Copies of their employer’s liability and public liability insurance certificates.
  • Copies of either:
    o Last 6 months bank statements
    o Latest filed accounts

DGCOS also carry out background history checks, credit check and conduct an online internet search which will include review websites and any company and management social media profiles.

The application is then scored and sent to the Operations Manager for assessment. Any applications needing further discussion or investigation are sent to The Membership & Compliance Review Panel (MCRP).

How long does the accreditation process take?
The normal length of times is 2 weeks from when DGCOS has received a fully completed Application Form.

What are the main reasons for delays with the application process?
The most common reasons the application process can take longer than expected are:

  • Lack of information/documents provided.
  • Delays in receiving membership agreements or membership fees.
  • Awaiting other bodies granting applicant company accreditation.
  • Applications going to the Membership Review Panel.
  • Obtaining clarification regarding linked companies and adverse history.

What happens once an application is approved for membership?
If an application is approved for membership, the installer will be issued with a membership agreement. The signed membership agreement will need to be returned and the membership fee paid prior to their membership going ‘live’.

After an application is made live the accredited member can apply for membership with either Assure or Certass (our Competent Person Scheme Partners). Our Communications Team will discuss each Competent Persons Scheme during the initial telephone call and will explain the benefits of joining either one. Once made live, DGCOS will assist the accredited member during the application process for either Assure or Certass


What are the common reasons for applications being rejected?
There are several reasons an installer will have their application for membership rejected, including:

  • History of multiple phoenixing.
  • County Court Judgements.
  • Credit score/loss in previous accounts.
  • Lots of adverse history and review on the internet
  •  Purporting DGCOS membership prior to being accepted.

Acceptance rates for 2018 (January – June)
So far, in 2018, the acceptance rate has been 90%. 

What options are available for an installer whose application is rejected for membership?
If an application is rejected, a letter explaining the reasons for rejection will be issued, along with details on how to appeal against the decision. Appeals are reviewed by our MCRP who consider the original application, the rejection reasons and whether the issues that have caused the rejection are satisfactory.

Can an installer reapply for DGCOS membership?
In short, yes. When an installer is rejected for membership they will be provided with the reasons for the rejection. The installer can then look at remedying the reasons which could include amending their processes and procedures in line with the comments in the report. If corrective measures are taken by the installer and they then reapply for membership, DGCOS may reach a different decision.

Tips for submitting your application for DGCOS membership:
To help us deal with your application in a timely manner, please follow the tips below:

  • Submit the application and all required documents together.
  • Ensure all information provided is honest and accurate.
  • Ensure information provided relates only to the company applying for membership, not any associated companies.
  • Respond in a timely manner to queries.

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