Customer Service In the Spotlight

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Customer Service In the Spotlight

No matter the size of a business, excellent customer service needs to be at the heart of it. Keeping customers happy and resolving complaints can help increase customer loyalty and generate positive word-of-mouth. Sometimes situations can arise where there is a difference of opinion between a business and a customer. This is where an independent third party can step in to help. The role of the DGCOS Customer Service Department is to resolve customer complaints as quickly as possible to the satisfaction of both parties. DGCOS is able to achieve this by undertaking the following process:

  • Making initial contact with the consumer in order to identify the exact nature of the issue
  • Contacting the member to understand how they perceive this issue
  • Work with both parties in order to achieve a prompt resolution

Through constant communication with both parties, DGCOS has been able to achieve the following results:

  • 78% of customer complaints resolved within 7 working days
  • 53% of customer complaints resolved within 24 hours
  • 28% of complaints resolved the same day

Customer complaints can occur due to a number of reasons ranging from installation issues to poor communication. Therefore it is important to understand how to deliver good customer service. Here are some top tips for installers when dealing with customer complaints:

  • Understand your customers’ needs and wants
  • Respond in writing to customer’s complaint within 7 working days
  • Engage with your customers at every opportunity

It is also important for a consumer to take the appropriate steps when making a complaint. When making a complaint you should:

  • Send all letters by recorded delivery to ensure it arrives safely
  • Make sure you speak to someone senior, who is in a position to deal with the situation
  • Immediately after the conversation, make a brief note of what was said by both of you, and the time and date you spoke.

What do customers think of the DGCOS service?

We recently spoke to Mr. & Mrs. Marshal who approached DGCOS after they noticed a problem with their installation. Mr. & Mrs. Marshall had nothing but praise for DGCOS and the way in which their complaint was resolved.

Here’s what Mrs. Marshall had to say…

“ I would like to thank DGCOS for all their help with my recent complaint. I was very relieved when Mark Moffet (Customer Service Officer) answered all my questions and offered to mediate the issue. I am now waiting for my replacement windows and doors to be re fitted and I believe this is all down to the excellent customer service I received from DGCOS. It was such a relief to feel we were listened to and the advice we were given was incredibly helpful.“

DGCOS’ Customer Service Officer, Mark Moffet explains:

“We understand the importance of delivering good customer service. Communication can often break down and a resolution cannot be found. By being a member of DGCOS glazing installer’s customers will receive a high level of customer service in the event that they encounter an issue. We aim to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and to the satisfaction of both parties.
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