DGCOS Prevents £61,000 Conservatory Disaster

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Mr Young Mr Young

Mr. Young contracted a DGCOS member to install a bespoke double-glazing conservatory for a contract value of £61,600. Unfortunately the member ceased to trade before any work had been undertaken leaving Mr. Young with partially completed base work for £38,502.

Fortunately for Mr. Young he used an accredited installer and so DGCOS were able to protect the customer completely. Without DGCOS protection Mr. Young would have lost his deposit and stage payments and subsequently would have had to pay for another installer to complete the installation.

Mr. Young approached DGCOS and explained his situation. DGCOS quickly appointed an independent inspector and specialist contractors to complete the installation. As Mr. Young was fully protected he was only required to pay the outstanding balance and was not left disadvantaged at any stage.

What’s more DGCOS even upgraded the conservatory frame from uPVC to Aluminium at no extra cost and added a mezzanine floor (for a small additional fee).

Speaking about the whole process Mr. Young said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at DGCOS for supporting us in this project and we would be very happy to recommend to anyone, that they go with a DGCOS backed company for double glazing and conservatory works”.

For further information about how using a DGCOS installer will protect you, call 0845 053 8975

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