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Mr Corristine

DGCOS Fixes Mr. Corristine's Conservatory Roof Leak

Mr. Corristine contracted a DGCOS member to install a new conservatory. During the course of the work and subsequent to its completion, Mr. Corristine complained about a leak in the roof. He tried contacting the original suppliers but they had unfortunately gone into liquidation. Not being able to rectify the issue, Mr. Corristine contacted DGCOS who sent round a surveyor to identify the cause of …

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Mr Gledhill

DGCOS Protects Mr Gledhill's Conservatory

Mr. Gledhill contracted a DGCOS member to install a new conservatory. Upon having the conservatory installed, Mr. Gledhill experienced several roof leaks. The installer repaired the roof and always honoured their guarantee. Unfortunately, the company went into liquidation. Mr. Gledhill contacted DGCOS and explained the situation. DGCOS sent out an independent inspector to his property and identifi…

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Mr Kent

DGCOS Protection Gives Mr. Kent Peace of Mind

Mr. Kent contracted a DGCOS member to install a conservatory for a contract value of £13,363. Unfortunately, Mr. Kent experienced issues with his conservatory and so he approached DGCOS to resolve the issue as the company had ceased to trade. Fortunately for Mr. Kent he had used an accredited installer, so he was fully protected and would not be left disadvantaged. DGCOS sent out an independent i…

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Mr Noon

DGCOS Helps Mr. Noon Resolve His Front Door

Mr. Noon noticed a defect in a door, which he had installed by a DGCOS member. When he first noticed the defect, he contacted the original installer only to find out that they were no longer trading and he had to contact the insurance company. Mr. Noon proceeded in contacting the insurance company only to be informed that due to a technicality he was not covered and was referred back to his origin…

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